While we’re more than excited for the drama and shenanigans that are set to ensue against the backdrop of the Big Easy, what’s also got us jazzed for the premiere of Southern Charm New Orleans is the hot, hot, hot cast members. Could they be the most attractive Southern Charmcast yet? Judge for yourself! We took the liberty of rounding up some extra fine photos from their Instagram accounts for your viewing pleasure.

1.  Reagan Charleston

New Orleans native Reagan knows her angles and how to werk the camera.

2.  Barry Smith

Let’s just say that fellow cast member Tamika Lee is lucky to call this fitness business owner her hubby.

3.  Jon Moody

Who doesn’t love a sensitive and good looking man who also paints?

4.  Tamika Scott

Tamika really knows how to rock a Mardi Gras outfit.

5.  Jeff Charleston

Let’s just say there’s not a doubt in our minds that Jeff was once a pro football player.

6.  Justin Reese

That’s quite a #TBT…

Convinced? Vote in the poll below and get ready for some spicy drama when Southern Charm New Orleans premieres on Sunday, April 15 at 9/8c.