The Oprah Conversation

July 2020

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Oprah leads intimate discussions with today’s foremost newsmakers, thought leaders, and masters of their craft. Bringing truth and perspective to a range of topics shaping our world, they reveal gripping stories of human connection.


The Oprah Conversation: Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man Part IJuly 31, 2020
Oprah talks to Emmanuel Acho about his provocative web series, then takes questions about racism from white and Latinx viewers.

The Oprah Conversation: Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man Part 2July 31, 2020
Oprah and Emmanuel dive deeper into their raw, unfiltered discussions about race in response to bold viewer questions.

The Oprah Conversation: How to Be an Antiracist August 7, 2020
Oprah and bestselling author Ibram X. Kendi talk with white readers who confront their own racist beliefs.

The Oprah Conversation: Bryan Stevenson August 14, 2020
His story was told in the move Just Mercy. The Equal Justice Initiative founder is a pivotal thought leader of racism in America.

The Oprah Conversation: Mariah Carey – September 24, 2020
In their most revealing conversation, the global superstar talks to Oprah about her new memoir, growing up biracial, and finding freedom.

The Oprah Conversation: Caste Part 1 – October 8, 2020
Oprah, Pulitzer prize-winning author Isabel Wilkerson, and a panel of readers discuss the concept that America is built on a caste system.

The Oprah Conversation: Caste Part 2 – October 8, 2020
Continuing the conversation, readers share stories on how these themes explored in Wilkerson’s book resonate with their lives and experiences.

The Oprah Conversation: Matthew McConaughey – October 28, 2020
The Oscar-winning actor and humanitarian talks with Oprah about his memoir Greenlights and his guiding motto: “Just keep living”.

The Oprah Conversation: Stevie Wonder – November 6, 2020
Sharing his urgent message of love, Stevie opens up about how COVID-19 has touched his life and his hopes for a troubled world.

The Oprah Conversation: Dolly Parton – November 13, 2020
One of the most cherished figures in pop culture, Parton discusses her lifetime of songwriting and being a unifier in divided times.

The Oprah Conversation: Barack Obama – November 17, 2020
Discussing his memoir, A Promised Land, the former president reflects on his biggest challenges- and the results of the 2020 election.

The Oprah Conversation: Amanda Gorman  – March 26, 2021
Oprah and 23-year-old Gorman discuss the poem she wrote for President Joe Biden’s inauguration and the women who’ve mentored her.

The Oprah Conversation: Eddie Murphy  – April 9, 2021
The Iconic comedian joins Oprah for a conversation about Coming 2 America, life during COVID-19, and his plans to return to stand up.

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